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Image Flex Pro Soft White (Ultimate Print Soft 4030 Matt).

Product Details

Image Flex Pro Soft White (Ultimate Print Soft 4030 Matt).

ULTIMATE PRINT SOFT 4030 MATT is a heat-sealable,printable PU textile transfer film (opaque white, 80 �)suitable for light and dark textiles.

ULTIMATE PRINT SOFT 4030 MATT offers a high printresolution with a semi-matt finish and has a pleasant softtextile touch.


Due to a special top coat, the film offers anexcellent washing-resistance.ULTIMATE PRINT SOFT 4030 MATT is compatible withall current printers using ECO-solvent, solvent and latex inks.

Due to a newly developed, non-adhesive PET film liner,even very small letters and motifs can be easily cut byall current CAD/CAM plotters after the printing process.

We recommend using POLI-TACK 854 as a transfer tapeand as a protection cover during the heat transfer.

ThePET liner should be removed warm.The transfer film is used for motifs and logos on sport,leisure and work wear.Nylon and textiles with a hydrophobic impregnation arenot suitable for heat transfer.


The raw materials are ecologically inert, do not contain PVC,plasticizers or heavy metals (in accordance with OEKO-TEXSTANDARD 100 Class I).